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• Former Co-Owner of Real Normal Productions

    and UFstudios.

• Video Production Director/Producer

• Cinematographer/Editor/Motion Graphics

• FAA Certified UAS Remote Drone Pilot

In the early part of my career I was a Video production Director for a game company and a digital magazine creating short documentaries about people from all over the world. I started a company after that called Real Normal Productions and fell into a niche of creating "web videos" for big brand websites when that was relatively new. Many were interactive and layered with html elements. Unfortunately I don't have many of those or they are lower resolution. I worked with agencies on projects for brands like Pepsi, American Airlines, Nokia, AT&T, United States Air Force, and many more.

More recent work has been creating content for game companies and includes behind the scenes, trailers, interviews, livestreams, sound effects and directing cinematic animations. I'm a fully capable content creator and I have experience in many, many areas of production. My biggest strengths are in cinematography and editing as I have great instincts and sensibilities for visual storytelling and timing.

I love everything funny and my humor is along the lines of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Norm Macdonald. I like watching paranormal videos on YouTube and trying to debunk them because I'm a skeptic. I was a big believer though up until Ghost Hunters came out and ruined it for me with all its ridiculousness. That and shows explaining how paranormal experiences could be explained through science. I do admit there are some very difficult videos to debunk unless you believe that so many people have the skill and motivation to pull off some extremely convincing content.